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Hey guys!! 

Here is the info you need.


We will be practicing three Saturdays in February, please come if  you can make it, and for sure do your best to show up on Feb 26.

I obviously left out the Saturday with Taste of Animethon, since I figured that was taking more precedence over... practice!

Here is the practice video we are going by. If any of you guys have any pimpin' skills choreography wise, or dance wise, please free to step up. Otherwise ... it'll just be three very untrained dancers attempting to lead this into some sort of light. :'D 

Also for hand movements that aren't exactly clear in the video.

We won't be doing as many formation changes as the real video does, due to time constraints, and us not being totally pimping professional dancers. 

Also if there are some moves that for the love of bunnies you are unable to get, please feel free to come up with an alternative and then share it at practice! If anything happens that needs to be shared,  I'll make alternative posts on here letting you guys know what got changed.

Location:  Meet up at Century Park LRT station and then we go to Xueli's House
Time: 12:15, leaving at 12:45 and ending at 5 pm.
Days: February Saturday 5, 19, 26

Actual Performance:

We will be performing this at Soba Bowl.

Date: March 12
Time: 10:30 - We meet up early and go over things as a last minute run through. We will be performing at 1:30 ish I believe.
Location: Harry Ainley High School


- We will be trying to keep this Hetalia Cosplay, but if something happens we can make allowances.

- Also does anyone have a Korea costume? It would be sort of awkward performing a Korean 'standard' so to say without any Korea.

- Please let us know what country you are going to go as, so we hopefully don't have repeats.

Laser Tag (UPDATED)
Laser Tag!
Here is the plan and info you will need

NOTE: It is super important we are confirmed for numbers, so we make sure to have enough player space for everyone!! PLEASE CONFIRM ASAP
It would suck lots if there are people left out. :C


Time:  2:30 pm,  Saturday January 29, 2010
Place(s): Meeting at HMV City Centre, and then going to Laser Quest. (10829 105th Ave. Edmonton)
Price: I have booked us in for TWO games. Please bring $20 in cash. Since we have to pay in one lump sum, if we all bring cash then it will be easier on well... me! Since it is not possible for us to each pay individually using debit, or credit card.


Other: After laser tag we'll probably bum around and might end up at Kingsway or Dennys.  Also please wear your Hetalia cosplay, unless it is impossible to!

1) We will meet at City Centre HMV at 2:30 pm.

2) Once we are all gathered, we will then take the number 8 bus to Laser Quest, which is right behind Grant MacEwan.

3) We play

4) After said game, we could either eat at some place, or go do something else. Not sure here.


For Sure Attending:

Sarah Derp
Janna S
Sarah S

Movie Script
This is the basic rough script that can be molded adlibbed and changed. This is just the general idea. So if you have a good idea we'll stick it in.

Please note: Things will be changed.
Scrappy cript hereCollapse )
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Hedmontonalia Promo Movie Event
This is where we make a small video clip for our group and put it on the youtubes.

When:  December 11, 2010
Where: Edmonton
Time: 12:30 Century Park LRT terminal - or if you're driving you go to the house.

Here is the basic plan:

At 12:30 we all meet at Century Park LRT terminal. If you don't have a bus pass, keep your bus transfer or if you are driving please message me so I can give you the direct address of where we are meeting, since it is at Xueli's house (who planned this event mainly), I do not just want to willy nilly post her address. We will wait until everyone arrives, and then we are going to film.

Due to it being a tight schedule, please get all your faffing out of the way, so we can focus on getting everything done in one day.

The faster we get things done, the faster we can faff around and have fun - not to say that filming won't be fun. It just will be a little more strict.

If you want the script before hand so you have a basic idea of what is going on, please message me. Currently due to people not confirming 100% the script is up in the air and changes will occur according to who does show up. This post is made just to clarify things.

Basic: The video is where people get turned fem! so please have some fem!accessories to add to your costumes - or if you're a female character already, please have something to 'manry' yourself up. Please feel free to message me if you are uncertain about what props you want to bring - or if you would want me to bring you something. I have lots of hats and random accessories like a cute bunny scarf. Feel free to bring makeup as well.


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